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Prague Opera: Jana Sykorova as Carmen Opera
at Prague Opera

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Malostranské náměstí 23/37, Praha 1

Prague Opera Gala: Kaiserstein Palace       The building of the Kaiserstein Palace is a genuine treasure of segments and details of architecture. It is one of the first top baroque Prague palaces and one of the noblest secular monuments of the Prague baroque. The building was first mentioned as early as in 1404. In 1654 it was bought by Sir Jan de Cron, the imperial counsel and general constable, promoted to the rank of Supreme Commander in Prague and Deputy Commander in the Kingdom of Bohemia. His daughter married Sir František Helfrid, baronet of Kaiserstein who iniciated the reconstruction of the palace in 1699. Four statues representing the four seasons of the year and four decorative vases were placed on the attic of the front of the palace. A balcony, another embellishment of the front of the palace, was constructed in 1896. 

Kaiserstein Palace: Look at Prague Opera schedule      The eldest building segments can be found in the basement rooms surrounded by massive Gothic walls. A part of these rooms was made into a most pleasent cellar wine-room.

      The room on the 1st floor is the most remarkable interior of the palace. The middle hall with portals made of artificial marble ranks among the most ouststanding Prague monuments. The ceilings have rich graphic segments with rare stucco decorations dating back to the late classicism and baroque. The rooms offer an ideal ambiance for holding gala receptions and banquets. The ground plan of the 2nd floor comports with the 1st floor. However, one single room was made from the three halls in 1879. The graphic equipment of the halls may be characterized as late classicism. The halls offer a most respectable room for top-level conference activities. The 3rd floor of no remarkable artistic and historical value was made use of as an ideal place for office premises embellished with a dominant roof-bower. The terrace of the building offers a most beautiful and utterly unexpected view of the Prague castle and the Lesser Town roofs. 

Kaiserstein Palace. Look at a Prague guide for Opera lovers      The rear wing has preserved till now its Renaissance style. The most interesting roomshave been made accessible to the public because of their  decorated ceilings of wood dating from 1610. Here may be found venerable ancient dining rooms that are most suitable for reserved parties.

      During the years 1908 through 1914 the world known Czech opera singer Emmy Destinn (1878 - 1930) was living in a part of the palace. Since she was twenty she already was a star of the Berlin Opera. When she sang at the coronation of the KingKaiserstein Palace. Look at a Prague guide for Opera lovers George V. in 1911, she was a very opera star.  From 1908 she was a guest star of the New York Metropolitan Opera under the baton of Arturo Toscanini and was appearing at Enrico Caruso´s side. That is also the reason why a bust in her memory, a piece of art made by the sculptor Simota was unveiled on the front façade of the palace in 1972.

      A most grandiose reconstruction of the palace was completed in 1981. The palace was given back its original appearance. It finally stopped its existence of a shabby house with some flats and became again a gem of rare of architecture.

     The Kaiserstein Palace offers today a variety of conference and banquet facilities well-known for their professional and commercial qualities. Classical concerts are held at the Emmy Destinn Hall on the 2nd floor of the Kaiserstein Palace.

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